SG Backline Service With heart and soul.

With heart and soul; Navigator has been a household name for metal, hardcore and independent music acts for over 15 years now. Providing professional backline equipment for concerts and festivals, Navigator has proven to not only support music, but live to its beat as well.

In 2010, this passion has led to the creation of SG Backline Service in cooperation with SG Records GmbH, not only enhancing our product range, but significantly expanding it as well.

Ranging from the Peavey 5150 to the Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier, our catalogue offers everything needed to give musicians the hard edge that they’re looking for. With SG Backline Service, we are able to provide instruments and equipment to musicians of any musical genre.

As part of the SG family, you will benefit from experience, know-how and our passion for music.

"The SG Records guys have consistently done excellent work. As a partner for bergfestival and Taubertal-Festival, we have always been able to rely on them completely."
– Volker Hirsch: Taubertal-Festival / Bergfestival

SG Backline Service Guitars, keyboards and more

Every band has a unique sound. In turn, each instrument and all other pieces of equipment provide their own sound, feel and individual function that need to be tweaked and mastered.

We lay the groundwork for this on stage and provide the perfect equipment, catering to every band’s individual requests and requirements. SG Backline Service offers anything from widely recognized stage standards to the more exotic fare.

SG Backline Service More than just amps and speakers

Aside from the soundboard and lighting, the instruments are the most important factor for any performance. All instruments have a different feel and sound creating a unique character.

This is why we provide well-maintained instruments as well as effects units and pedals. After all, plane travel is expensive enough as it is without having to check-in heavy stage equipment as well.

Our extensive catalogue of models, makes and brands allows you to choose the equipment you’re most comfortable with for any performance. We offer guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and much more.

SG Backline Service Drums & Percussion

We provide for performances of all sizes, from individual concerts to tours and entire music festivals. We offer drum kits of various makes regardless of size and scope. When choosing equipment, we can flexibly accommodate all your wishes and needs.

Our catalogue includes not only resilient double-bass kits for hard and heavy musical acts, but also exotic world music drums as well as jazz and pop drum kits. This allows us to personalize your kit according to your specific wishes.

Choosing the right snare drums and cymbals is one of the most important aspects. Our inventory is continuously expanding, in order to provide our customers with the desired sound. Just ask us for your favorite equipment or provide us with your technical rider and we’ll take care of the rest.

SG Backline Service Preparation, rehearsals and the gig

To provide for adequate preparation, we can supply a fully-equipped rehearsal room to rent on an hourly or daily basis. This allows you to both prepare your set for the gig and get acquainted with the instruments and equipment provided by us.

Parking spaces and infrastructure such as power outlets for tour busses are available 24/7.

We can also provide you with know-how and manpower, planning and running gigs together with our partners. From lights and amps to dressing room equipment and barrier systems, you will find what you need with us.

But don’t take our word for it. Let us prove it by providing you with an individual offer.

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